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Stereotaxic Instruments

How to adjust rat or mouse skull in a stereotaxic frame horizontally?

There is simple and fast approach to the skull adjustment with Invilog bubble level probe. It takes a mere 2 minutes to make sure the skull is in a level position.

Manipulator with a bubble level probe

“third arm” with a bubble level probe

Helps you in verifying the frontal and sagittal plan of the skull are in the correct alignment.

Could be added on to the classical U-shaped Kopf, Stoelting or some other suitable stereotaxic apparatus.

Requires only seconds for installation in to the threaded socket on the side of the stereotaxic apparatus.

Is not subject to any spring effect.

Holds an electrode up to 3 mm in diameter and keeps it precisely in the position in which you have placed it.

Designed and manufactured by Invilog Research Ltd in Finland.

Invilog at FENS presenting bubble level probe for stereotaxic scull adjustment

Initially presented at FENS 2016 this fast and effective way to position lambda and bregma horizontally during stereotaxic surgery attracted attention of neurophysiologists and neuropharmacologists.

Invilog manipulator with holder for electrode and bubble level probe

Innovative product design allows to achieve frontal and sagittal plan adjustment with a less than 100 um precision using a simple tool priced under 350€.